Recapping Tier3 In 2021

This year was filled with incredible successes for all of our clients. Our team at Tier3 Agency is fortunate to work with many amazing businesses across the country that are focused on making a positive impact in their customers’ lives. Let’s take a quick look at the results of our work throughout the year.

New Revenue Driven

Since most reading this are likely interested in new revenue created directly from our efforts, let us start there. At the time of writing this article, our team’s efforts were able to drive nearly $28.5 million in new revenue for our clients in 2021. This revenue figure is created from all our verticals at Tier3.

Software Deployments and Web Builds Launched

Software is one of our favorite things to build at Tier3, as it is the backbone from which we build the rest of our marketing success. Great marketing is amplified by incredible UI/UX, thoughtfully designed software, and well built web code. We launched a total of 17 new software products and web builds this year.

Leads Generated

One of the main goals of a successful digital marketing campaign is to generate leads. Lead generation can manifest itself through several tactics including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media, Influencer Campaigns, etc. In 2021 we were able to generate nearly 9,000 highly qualified leads for our clients!

Time Saved Through Automation

Although our team does not directly offer automation services, we build automation into as many systems and workflows as possible. From web development to lead generation- automation enables us to scale our customer’s operations as efficiently as possible. We build fairly complex automation sequences which save an average of 10 minutes per “task”. This means we were able to automate away nearly 800 hours- or one entire month of what would otherwise be tedious manual labor.

Chatbot Conversions

Chatbots are a tool we began implementing into all of our web development builds starting this year, as the data around how effectively they increased conversions was clear. If you aren’t leveraging a chatbot, then you are surely missing out on increasing your overall conversion rate. We’ve seen conversion rates increase a staggering 30% in some instances by simply implementing a well designed chatbot. Our chatbot lead conversions this year equaled 1,280, or roughly 15% of the total number of leads we generated. For a business that does several millions of dollars in revenue, that figure represents a significant amount in new realized income.

Social Media

The importance of a solid social media strategy continues to rise in value each year. From educating customers to announcing new products and services to even generating sales interests, social media remains a cornerstone for succeeding online. When it comes to analytics around social media, there are a load of metrics we track across the large platforms. Several success metrics from 2021 include:

  • Pieces of social media content we created: 1,782
  • Likes across main social media platforms: 258,390
  • Comments on social media posts: 26,730

YouTube Metrics

Video is one of the most valuable ways to educate prospective customers on your products or services. Some of our clients have built significant YouTube followings which yielded an aggregate of 4.5 million views this year alone!


LMAAS is a newer service that we launched for our clients in 2021. After many successful lead generation campaigns, it became apparent that some of our clients did not have the staff or infrastructure to adequately handle the number of leads that we were generating for them. That is why we opened up a full time lead management team who manages the complete customer cycle from initial contact to nurturing the lead to collecting payment and scheduling onto our client’s calendar. With just a partial year of implementing this service, we booked 387 new customers through our LMAAS team. We will continue to grow this vertical of our business into 2022 as it was well received and created incredible value for our clients this past year.

Text Message Campaigns

If you aren’t building a text message list for your business, you need to start ASAP. The success metrics around text marketing are staggering. For a point of comparison, text marketing has a mind blowing average open rate of 98% compared to just 20% for email marketing. Furthermore, text messaging has an average click-through rate of 19%, compared to just 3.9% for email. Moreover, due to spam filtering, only around 50% of email campaigns actually make it to the desired recipients inbox, whereas nearly 100% of text messages go through to their diresed endpoint. With all this to be said, we delivered 180 text message marketing campaigns in 2021.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email remains one of the best tools to nurture prospective leads and continually stay top of mind with existing customers. A well implemented campaign can drive transactions or share information based on the strategy for the campaign. This past year we launched 63 different email campaigns for our clients.

Reputation Management

Businesses thrive on positive customer feedback. Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook have become first points for due diligence that customers seek out before engaging with a potential business. We offer tools for our clients to maximize the number of positive customer reviews they get while simultaneously providing real-time monitoring to combat negative reviews they may receive. This last year, we prompted 573 5-star reviews for our clients across the major review platforms.

Final Thoughts

Every one of our customers is unique, and so are the success metrics we track for their business. The stats referenced today are only around 10% of the total metrics we track across our various verticals. While these numbers may or may not seem significant, we are unbelievably proud of the hard work our team has put in this year.

If you want your business to share in some of this success as we transition into 2022, then schedule a discovery call with our team today!

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