Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Your Business Can’t Ignore

At Tier3 Agency, we believe that fundamental marketing principles are timeless, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t timely marketing tactics you can use to get an edge over your competition.

Here is our list of the top 5 marketing trends your business cannot afford to ignore in 2022.

Influencer Marketing Is a Must

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective, as it ties credibility with targetted exposure in the same initiative. These two factors are imperative for marketing success more broadly, and influencer marketing allows you to “jump the line” in most cases.

Here is an interesting personal anecdote that solidified this to be true for me. I recently moved halfway across the country to a new city. After I was settled in, my family came to visit. My mom, having never been to where I live, knew where to go, what to buy, and what places to avoid- all because of some 20 something influencer she follows online. This vlogger’s videos had so much influence over my mom that they literally dictated our entire itinerary.


With the rise of social platforms like TikToc, digital behavior will increasingly lean towards video consumption. Video has found its way into every marketing channel, from social media to email. People love video because it’s an easy way to consume information without it feeling like work.

Text Message Marketing>Email

We love text message marketing because it offers clear advantages over other channels like email. First of all, the engagement rates are sky-high. Text open rates average 98% compared to emails average 20%. The click-through rates are much more impressive as well- 20% compared to an average 3%. But text message marketing offers advantages over just the engagement benefits, as customer response data strongly indicates a preference for businesses to interact with them via text messaging over other channels of communication.

We discussed how text message marketing made a dramatic impact on our customer’s success last year, which you can learn more about in our 2021 recap article here.

Utilize a ChatBot

In 2021 we began installing ChatBots into every website that we built because the increased conversion data was clear. ChatBots increased conversion rates anywhere from 15% to even 50% in some instances. Consumer preferences, again, favor the ability to chat live with someone, and ChatBots alleviate some of the redundant work humans have to do.

Prepare for a Cookieless World

As consumers engage the digital landscape with a mobile-first approach, changes in consumer privacy driven by companies like Apple will make cookie based advertising more difficult, more expensive, and less accurate. This means you can expect to see an increase in the cost to convert customers through digital advertising, and retargeting campaigns will become even more limited.

Get prepared by creating high quality opt-ins through demographic based targeting with constant nurturing of warm leads. Or leverage influencer campaigns to help reach new audiences in a cost effective manner.

Our team believes that these 5 marketing trends are imperative for your business to nail in 2022- but that doesn’t mean you can neglect other aspects of your marketing initiative.

If you are interested in learning more or want help in taking your marketing game to the next level, feel free to reach out!

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