The World Doesn’t Need Another Marketing Agency…

Yet, here we are. Marketing agencies get a bad rep, and frankly, a lot of that is warranted. “Online marketing gurus” have ruined things for all of us, including those who actually want to help their customers reach new business heights. If you run a business and decide it’s a good idea to grow via online channels, you will find no shortage of companies ready to take your money. This confusion of choice not only makes it hard to know what to look for but ultimately who you can trust when there are so many “experts” ready to help.

Digital marketing, as a part of your more general marketing strategy, is nota sprint but rather a marathon. Many “experts” push what we like to call the “get rich quick guarantee”. 99% of the time, these empty promises turn out to be all sizzle and no steak. Anyone worth their salt will tell you it takes a minimum of 90 days to adequately understand your business, learn how your customers make buying decisions, and optimize engagement approaches to see measurable results. Moreover, reaching achievable and realistic goals can take years to actually realize.

So why are we here and how could we possibly be different?

1) We Are Business Owners

At Tier3, we are a team of business owners first and foremost, which means that everything we execute with respect to marketing, comes from having built numerous multi-million dollar businesses in different sectors across many decades.

2) All About the Data

We obsess over analytics and information. Our team truly believes that information is power, and we strive to equip ourselves with as much of it as possible. We want to know your KPI’s, goals, and metrics as well or better than you do, with the sole intention of maximizing your upside. The proof is and will continue to be in the numbers.

3) Subject Matter Experts

Thankfully, we like to think we know what we are doing when it comes to digital marketing. Our partners are published authors and educators on the subject. We spend a meaningful amount of our time on learning so that we can create a disproportionate amount of value for those we work with.

4) We Fit Into a Larger Picture

Tier3 is a portfolio company of Parameter Capital and Consulting, a consulting and venture studio that incubates and grows companies. This means we have access to talent and resources typically outside the scope of traditional marketing agencies.

5) We’re Partners, Partner

When we onboard a new client, we don’t look at the relationship as transactional, yet rather we think of ourselves as becoming a partner in your business. This mindset enables us to align with your values and ultimately drives us towards the end goal you have insight.

Getting into bed with a new partner can be scary. We’ve all been on the wrong side of that relationship too many times. That’s why, when you’re ready, we want to start small, showcase the value we can deliver, and hopefully build a long successful relationship with one another. We’re excited to help take your business up a few tiers. Are you ready to join us?

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