Push vs Pull Marketing

Whenever I find myself using a “jargony” term with a client, I immediately feel inclined to write an article to better explain a specific marketing topic. The phrase of the day today was “Push vs Pull Marketing”.

Let’s quickly discuss the difference between the two, and, more importantly, learn how to identify when you should implement each technique.

The difference between the two marketing strategies is fairly straightforward.

Push Marketing: As the name suggests, this marketing strategy requires pushing your offer in front of potentially viable customers.

Example: Think of a jewelry store billboard ad for engagement rings. This ad is viewable to everyone, but only really applies or becomes relevant to a small segment of folks who come across the advertisement.

Pull Marketing: On the contrary, this marketing strategy gets prospective customers interested in a product or service you provide to consider and choose your particular offer.

Example: Say you are at your local supermarket looking for the right loaf of bread to choose from, and there are 15 different options available. A manufacture discount to save 30% might pull you in to choose their product over the other options.

Now that we understand the difference between the two approaches, how do you know when to implement which strategy? Push marketing works incredibly well when your campaign goals include branding, consumer education, and reaching new consumer segments. Pull marketing works great when you are trying to differentiate amongst competitors or generate sales from prospective customers already interested in a product or service that you offer.

Given we work with digital mediums for marketing, certain platforms have inherent benefits for executing push and pull marketing strategies. If you are focusing on push marketing, Facebook/Instagram ads may be your best bet. Like our billboard example above, Facebook advertisements work in a similar manner. You create an ad that gets in front of potential customers based on the targeting you choose. These people may not have searched for your product or service per se, but you can generate exposure and ideally new customers through these efforts. Google ads, on the contrary, work by showcasing your offering when someone searches for keywords that relate to your product or service.

The truth of the matter is the results from these efforts can be equally effective, however, they require proper strategy and execution in order to get the most out of any endeavor.

Here at Tier3 Agency, we utilize both push and pull marketing strategies in order to generate success for our clients. Are you ready to learn how these approaches can make an impact in your business?

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